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Business and Corporate Fleet Insurance

Also known as "Industrial Aid", with professional pilots operating turbine equipment, corporate aircraft has long been viewed by the aviation insurance underwriters as the premier risk. We understand the unique insurance needs of corporate aircraft owners. Regardless of the size of your fleet and the aircraft you own, we can help you ensure your aviation assets, and your flight department itself, are properly protected.

Personal or business travel can take you all over the world and in various types of aircraft. We have the capability to insure single engine airplanes, helicopters, and transcontinental business jets under one insurance policy. Anywhere from $1M to $500M in liability and $100K to $100M hull limits per aircraft. We can insure any flight department, regardless of size.

In addition to the fleet, you also need to consider:

  • Hangarkeepers Coverage
  • Workers Compensation
  • Premises Liability
  • Hangar Coverage
  • Fuel Coverage
  • Pilot Loss of License Coverage

Every flight department offers unique challenges. Our experts can help guide you through the process to protect you and your business.

Elements of Coverage

Hull coverage: Cover damage and destruction to the physical structure of an aircraft, including its engines, when attached, or when removed and not replaced with other engines. Coverage excludes hull war risks (see below) among other things. The aircraft will typically be insured on an "agreed value basis," which means that it is insured for a fixed amount, which may not necessarily be the same as its replacement value or market value.

Hull war coverage: Covers the hull war risks that are excluded from the hull coverage above, such as damage/destruction caused by war or other listed hostilities. Some non-insurable exceptions exist, such as a nuclear war or a war between any of the United Kingdom, United States, France, Russia and China.

Hull deductible coverage: The hull deductible is similar to the excess on a car policy and applies to the hull coverage.

Spares coverage: Covers engines and other spare parts when removed from the aircraft and replaced (if an engine or part is removed but not replaced, it is still deemed to be part of the aircraft for insurance purposes and may be provided as a sub-section under the hull and the hull war coverages. A small deductible may apply.

Liability coverage: Covers all loss or damage to property, other than to the aircraft/spares, and all claims arising out of death or injury to any person caused by the aircraft and/or related to the use of the aircraft. War risks are excluded. Often the minimum liability limit is prescribed by law.

Liability war coverage: Covers the liability war risks excluded from the liability coverage. As with hull war cover, it also has certain non-insurable exceptions, such as nuclear war.



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After I listed my experimental aircraft on Barnstormer’s, I was quickly over-run by tire kickers and curiosity seekers. After a few days, I was so frustrated that I cancelled the listing. I was fortunate to find Rocky Aviation, who worked diligently to sell the plane for me. They quickly found a buyer for the plane and handled all of the details such as the contract, escrow, final transactions and delivery. I was so pleased with the ease of the transaction that I asked them to find the “right” Cessna 182 for me. Again – they worked almost non-stop and creatively to find the plane that I was looking for. I highly recommend the services provided by Dustin, Stephanie, and Rion. They are good, honest people who do what they say will do."
~ Ben Brandvik   

Over the last 10 years, I have depended on Rocky Aviation’s founder – Dustin - for the acquisition or sale of aircraft on at least 8 transactions. He is always the critical difference in finding reliable aircraft. I have found his aviation knowledge to be vast. His integrity and ethics are beyond reproach. In many cases Dustin has also provided transition training and risk advice. I would enthusiastically recommend Dustin to anyone looking to make the best aviation decision."
~ John E. Goodbrake Sr   

Recently, Rocky Aviation assisted with the sale of my aircraft. It was a pleasurable experience from negotiations to closing. Through their marketing and networking efforts, they helped me net about 10% more than I thought was possible. Additionally, much valuable aviation business advice was gained along the way. It would be my pleasure to recommend Rion and Rocky Aviation to family, friends or associates to assist with a future aircraft transaction.
~Brandon Gullett


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